Easy Qi Gong Routine for Anxiety and Stress

Here is an easy qi gong routine for anxiety, stress, and depression.

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Qi gong practice is great for stimulating the healing of several different problems; anxiety, stress, and depression being one of the many.
While you should always make sure that you are under the care of a primary healthcare provider, qi gong practice can greatly help calm your mind and body down.

This is a traditional qi gong routine that helps “push” stagnant qi out of the body. When we have ‘stress’ of any sort, it causes the qi to become stagnant. When you get an acupuncture treatment, exercise, and practice meditation, qi gong, tai chi, or yoga you can move your qi.

This routine specifically helps move stagnant qi from stress when it is causing:
-chest tightness
-palpitations, irregular heart beat
-repetitive looping thoughts
-throat tightness
-excessive or no appetite
-digestion problems
-weakened immune system

Practice this routine every day. After you have done it 10 times or so, you will probably remember it, so you can practice even twice a day. Let me know what you experience!