Hot Flashes – Tips to keep you cool!

Menopause-related hot flashes can make life difficult. It’s hard to know when they will hit but when they do it can be uncomfortable and upsetting. Now that summer is creeping up and the weather is getting warmer, hot flashes can really become a bother. Try to keep track of when you get them so you can identify the trigger, for example where you were, what you were doing and what you ate. Stress is one of the top triggers for hot flashes. When you feel one coming on, try to stop what you’re doing, slow down and take a break. Prepare in advance and give yourself more time to get places so you don’t have the added stress of rushing. Other common triggers include alcohol, caffeine, spicy and/or sugary foods, large servings of meat, smoking and over-eating. One of the best things you can do is to find ways to reduce your stress level.

Acupuncture is another way to reduce menopause-related hot flashes. Acupuncture can help to balance your hormones and reduce the frequency and severity of hot flashes and other menopause-related symptoms. Many people also notice an improvement in sleep and mood after only a few treatments.

Drinking more water and eating lots of leafy greens can also help your symptoms. In Traditional Chinese Medicine foods are used as medicine and classified based on the effect they have on the body. There are certain foods which are known to have a cooling effect. Below is a list of some cooling foods you may want to eat more of during the summer months!

bok choy

….until next time, keep cool and think Vitality!