How to unnecessarily injure yourself

Yes, you read the title right! This is a simple tip on “how to injure yourself” that I have learned from several patients over that past few years.

The situation is that it is cold outside and Ms./Mr. Not-Properly-Dressed is out and about with her hands in her pocket because of the bitter chill. All of a sudden she hits a patch of ice and in a frantic attempt to catch her balance her hands get stuck in her pockets. She is unable to regain balance and kaboom!

The law of gravity proves itself correct and she lands fully on her knee, elbow, shoulder, or worst case, her face. In severe cases the injury could be quite extensive- broken bones, dislocations, and we don’t have to imagine what could happen when hitting the ground with one’s beautiful face!

I can think of several times that this has happened and I’m sure if these people had their hands free they may have been able to catch themselves or at least lessen the force of a fall.

So, the tip of “how to injure yourself” is to walk with your hands deep in your pockets in slippery conditions. But, if you are one of those strange “wanna be healthy” types keep your hands free to help you keep your balance! This is true on days like today when Victoria is snowy and slippery, walking on trails, walking over wet floors, or stone.

Often it is the simplest, most innocent activities that we do that can cause the most harm and injury. Until next time!


~Think Vitality!~