How to ‘research’ your health condition

How should we ‘research’ our health condition in a balanced way? I say ‘research’ because many people consider googling their condition and reading the top 3 results ‘research’. We have to be careful of information overload, and bad information!  I often have to issue “Google Bans” to people who ‘research’ their condition far too often!

If you want extremely well supported research the Journal of American Medicine and the British Medical Journal are two of the best (but very in depth and scientific).

Forums are often where people get unqualified, anecdotal, unsupported info. Forums can be insightful but keep in mind that you are reading about 1 persons experience at a time.

Some may disagree with me but I think Wikipedia is a reasonably reliable source to get general information without getting lost in medical terminology.You can read about diagnosis, treatment options, and the mechanisms of the disease. Once you have researched your condition you should add your notes to your health file.


Ultimately research should help you feel informed and know the right questions to ask when you consult with health professionals.


~Think Vitality!~