Village 900

I was trying my best to not sound like a foreign hockey player this morning during my interview for Village 900, a local radio station. I don’t think I said “ummm,” and “uugggh,” too often but we shall see!

We discussed how acupuncture can be used for breaking addictions to smoking, alcohol, drugs, overeating, sugar, and so on. The show will be airing this Friday, but I will receive a copy of it that I will post here.

As I was familiarizing myself with the most recent research into addictions I was reminded of how important stress management is if we are trying to break an undesirable behavior. When we get stressed will will be more likely to reach for the cigarettes, beer, or doughnuts.

While acupuncture is fantastic for reducing stress, we need to incorporate other tools that we can use anytime we need them. A great tool is Qi Gong.

This past weekend we had the Qi Gong for Vitality workshop which went really well. The feedback I had received since then is how relaxed, and energized at the same time people felt afterward, even for a few days!

So wake up 10 minutes earlier, take a deep breath and do some Qi Gong!

~Think Vitality!~