Happy Halloween, Qi Gong Course News

The air is crisp, the ghouls are in the neighborhood asking for candy, and pumpkins are being carved up and set ablaze- fall is certainly here!

Enjoy the crunchy leaves and remember to keep yourself warm in this coming season particularly your neck. In Traditional Chinese Medicine a pathogen (or a cold or flu) enters through an acupuncture point on the base of the neck. By keeping your neck protected you reduce the chance of an external attack. In the next couple of days I will put up some more Immune System boosting tips.

The next Qi Gong course that was set for Saturday November 6th is going to be postponed. It most likely will be rescheduled to January as most of us are pretty busy during the holiday season. I will be in contact with anyone who has registered to make arrangements, or feel free to email me.

Enjoy the Halloween weekend and if you are going to eat some ooey gooey candy make sure that you actually want to eat it!

~Think Vitality!~