“It’s Fruit! That’s much better than Sugar.”

When asked “What is a healthy diet?” most will respond, “a diet with lots of fruit and vegetables!” Well, that is half true!
While that is much better than the typical North American diet, loaded with processed foods, sodium, and “pseudo-foods,” too much fruit can cause the same imbalances as having too much processed sugar.

Many will say, “But fruit is healthy because it is naturally high in anti-oxidants.” That is also true, but often the damage of too much sugar outweighs the benefit of anti-oxidants with massive fruit consumption. We will do much better to eat dark leafy greens and get a large amount of anti-oxidants, fiber, and minerals in a low sugar way.

There is as always an exception to the rule; if your blood sugar is stable and you have already eliminated processed fats, processed sugars and grains, the body can then handle the sugar in fruit quite well. In fact, it is how nature intended us to eat!

I have been mentioning this concept in the clinic when people complain that they are feeling sluggish, foggy-minded, and tired. After examining their diet a lot of people realize they are consuming more sugar than they realized through increased fruit consumption. Eat healthy and remember to eat more “greens” than fruit.

Here is a link where you can get to know how much sugar is in the fruit that you are consuming.

Carb Counter

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