Light to Moderate Exercise IS Good for you!

It’s official, we can all rest assured that light to moderate exercise is actually good for our health because there has been a study proving this!

The Journal of Epidemiology has determined that just half an hour of walking, cycling, swimming, or any constant activity 5 days a week can reduce the risk of death by 19%. Increasing it to 7 hours a week reduces the incidence of sedentary lifestyle related deaths by 24%. It doesn’t have to be intense, just constant.

If you are not sure how to enjoy walking in our beautiful city, try listening to an audio book. You can purchase books on pretty much any topic online, or even download audio books from the Victoria public library for free.
If you are technically inclined you can also entertain yourself with podcasts from itunes which are also free.
So find an activity, drag a friend along and get moving!

~Think Vitality!~

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