Intro to Traditional Chinese Medicine Workshop

I was intending on mentioning this earlier, but this Saturday and Sunday we will be holding “Intro to TCM and Meridian Therapy for Healthcare Practitioners” workshop at Camosun College.Camosun Map pdf download

We have refined the “system” so that any healthcare practitioner can apply the concepts of Traditional Chinese Medicine(TCM) into their practice immediately after the workshop.

It is a very full weekend! We will cover:

  • 8 Principles
  • 5 Elements
  • diagnosis
  • the meridians
  • the most important acupuncture points and how to use them without needles

We are very excited to be refining and perfecting this system so that even more people can reap the benefits of this century old tradition!

Go here if you would like more info.

See you there!

~Think Vitality!~