Chronic Pain, Depression and Forgetfulness

Chronic pain is uncomfortable and after awhile affects almost every aspect of life. When you’re dealing with continuous pain even simple everyday tasks can zap the energy right out of you. For some people, the pain involved with just getting dressed and into the car leaves little energy for the rest of the day.

If left untreated, chronic pain can have profound effects on a person’s mood, energy and cognitive function. Pain affects brain chemistry. People dealing with ongoing pain commonly develop depression or depressive-like symptoms. Parts of the brain that control emotion can be impaired which makes them more susceptible to depression, irritability, and exhaustion. They have difficulty concentrating, remembering and retaining information. It becomes challenging to process sensory stimulus, adapt to changes and handle multiple things at once. Quality of sleep is also affected which can further impact memory and mood.

It’s so important to address pain in the early stages. Effective treatment can significantly reduce the mental and emotional effects of long-term pain. Pain management is different for everyone. It often involves finding the right combination of treatments including medication, supplements, diet, physical therapy, acupuncture and massage. Remember to get on it early and prevent the mental and emotional effects of long-term pain. Your future self will thank you!
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