Fall Qi Gong and Update

I hope you have been enjoying the summer weather as much as I have!

We were planning on starting the Fall Qi Gong session in September but unfortunately we will be postponing it until the new year. As you may know, I have relocated my clinical practice and I don’t have the Wednesday evening time available right now.

Currently, we are hard at work creating new “products” including a new Qi Gong DVD. We are considering a digital version that can be played on your computer, iPad, and smartphones as well as a physical DVD.

In the meantime, if you have learned a little bit of Qi Gong already be sure to practice regularly. Short, regular sessions of practice will yield better results than longer infrequent sessions. Even the “Opening Exercise” is enough to relax the body, and energize the mind.

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If you are looking for a quick 5 minute meditation to do while you are at your desk, or before going to bed you can try this one out. The guy speaking kinda has a funny voice though (okay…it’s me!)

~Think Vitality!~