How to Survive the Holidays – 4 Quick Tips

Christmas time is near and work, school, and family parties are plenty! During this time we are bombarded with food, drink, merriment, alcohol, excess sugar, fat and calories, followed by a dash of guilt and regret in the morning!

After a few nights of trying to “behave” most people simply give up trying to resist the sweet lure of butter tarts, the call of Camembert, or the  egging on of the Eggnog and start over consuming until the “New Year.”

If you want to avoid putting on holiday weight, feeling tired and sluggish during this time of year try these 4 tips.

1. Don’t Arrive Hungry

2. Stay well hydrated

3. Eat what you actually want

4. Control your portions
You can also trying watching this quick video!  Excuse the ‘quality’ I am just getting familiar with the camera and a microphone!

4 Tips to Survive the Holidays

~Think Vitality!~