Prevent getting sick with Gall Bladder 20 -Fengchi

As I walked around the park the other morning in Victoria I noticed the leaves are changing color, the air is crisp, and fall is setting in. Now that kids are back in school and the weather is cooling many people get sick with the common cold this time of year.

Acupuncture theory believes that exposure to “wind” and “cold” at an acupuncture point on the back of the neck allows “pathogens” to enter into the body. This point is called “Fengchi” or gallbladder 20. “Feng” means wind, and “chi” means pool.

You can protect yourself from “exterior pathogens” by simply covering Fengchi when you are outside. Scarves seem to be stylish now days so wrap up before heading outside!

Exterior pathogens can be cold, hot, damp, wind, dryness, or damp heat and comes from the outside of the body. Interior pathogens arise from imbalances inside the body due to stress, diet, exercise, sleep, and lifestyle.

You may also find that if you are just beginning to get sick Fengchi might feel stiff and tight. If you massage this point (or better yet get someone else to massage it!) you can avoid becoming ill.


~Think Vitality!~