Working around the house can be hazardous to your health!

Many seemingly harmless situations can become dangerous when combined with stress, hurry, and fatigue. Doing normal household chores can be the source of some serious injury that can take years to remedy. I have seen some very stubborn, chronic issues start from twisting, lifting, throwing, and picking up very innocent looking items!

Here are 5 Simple Tips to Minimize injury:

1. Know when you are tired.

Many injuries to the back, shoulder, and neck occur from lifting and moving objects incorrectly. They don’t even have to be heavy to cause serious damage. I saw a lady tear her rotator cuff from catching a falling saucer on a rocky boat! If you are tired, sit down, hydrate, breathe and come back to it later. Fatigue injuries tend to be after lunch.

2. Wear safety glasses.

It only takes one little twig, pebble, or paint chip to hit your eyeball to cause permanent damage. Invest in some good, comfortable glasses and wear them when weed whacking, wood working, or using your gas powered blower at 5:30am.

3. Don’t over reach.

Falls from ladders are the most common reason for head injuries for male adults in the home. Most falls will happen because of the “I can reach it from here” mentality. Stop, adjust, and take your time.

4. Use well maintained tools.

I worked with an older man who used to tell me that you are more likely to cut yourself with a dull knife than a sharp one (because of forcing tools to work). Make sure blades are sharp, everything is tightened, and tools are being used as intended. Yes, I am sure the lawn mower COULD trim the top of your hedges but…

5. Know your limitations.

Just because you have a tool belt, and overalls doesn’t mean you should build a two story gazebo! Do it yourself TV shows make construction look easy. Educate yourself properly, work safely, and ask for help when you need it.


~Think Vitality!~