We have gone WorldWide!

Thanks to Mr. R.A.B. “Qi Gong for Vitality, Health, and Longevity” is now going to be practiced in Mexico!

This is very exciting to me to know that there are people all over Canada, the United States, England, Ireland, Europe, and now Mexico practicing Qi Gong. I get emails and people telling me weekly about how the simple 18 minute practice helps lower stress, increase energy, and calm the mind.

I attended a seminar last year where the instructor was asked, “What’s the best exercise to do?” The answer was, “The one that you ACTUALLY do!”

I thought that was brilliant and a good reminder that we don’t need to over think our exercise and stress reducing activites, we just need to do them regularly!

We are working on a downloadable version of the Qi Gong routine that can be put on to your mp3 players, ipods, iphones, and smartphones so that it can be available to practice anytime you desire. And, we are working on an audio version that can be used in the same way.

But until then, keep practicing with what you have available!

~Think Vitality!~