Thanks for the Great Workshop!

Last weekend we had the “Introduction to Traditional Chinese Medicine and Meridian Therapy” workshop for practitioners. I was surprised that I, myself, got a real charge after the 2 days! We covered a lot of information and I received some great feedback from the attendees that will make the next one even better.

A challenge that I encountered is trying to condense all the theories of TCM but not dilute them. There is so much history, and hidden meaning in concepts like the Yin and Yang, Five Elements, and Qi that it can take years to understand them.

Between now and the next workshop, set for February 19 & 20th, I am determined to form all this information into a “system” that any practitioner, or non-practitioner can use to help those around them immediately.

I feel very excited to help spread the concepts of Chinese Medicine, acupuncture, qi gong, and good clean living because we can’t depend on others to make us healthy. We have to learn effective and efficient methods ourselves and help inspire others around us.

Thank you to everyone who attended and all the enthusiasm you shared!

~Think Vitality!~