Qi Gong Workshop follow up

This weekend was the first full day qi gong workshop here in Victoria and judging by the feedback, it went well! Thank you to everyone who attended and for giving me such valuable feedback. I read the suggestions everyone had with great interest because I would like to offer as much value as I can and work out all the kinks.

What a few people mentioned was they wanted a little bit more feedback on their form and how they were doing. I think this is a valuable part of learning from a real person rather than books or videos.

On November 6th, 2010 we are planning the next seminar where I will devote time specifically to helping intermediate people improve their techniques as well as teaching the absolute beginners.

So mark your calendars and start spreading the word if you know anyone that might benefit from qi gong!

On the note of ‘spreading the word,’ I received a serious ‘beat down’ for not having a facebook fan page. So, here it is! You can “like” the page and find health tips, information, inspiration, upcoming events and happenings. For those of you who are new to fan pages, rest assured I cannot see your personal information or wild weekend pictures!

In the meantime, start boosting your immune system because in 2 weeks time a lot of people are going to be getting sick because of kids going back to school!

~Think Vitality!~

photo divavillage.com