How much Vitamin XYZ Should I Take?

Have you ever wondered how much calcium, zinc, or fiber you should be having a day?

Here is a great resource that you may find helpful. This interactive form can help you find out how many macro-nutrients, minerals, calories, and vitamins you should be consuming based on your body, body mass index, activity level and age.

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Did you know that most of the recommended dietary allowances of vitamins and minerals followed by Americans and Canadians were actually established at the time of World War 2 to prevent malnourishment of soldiers and have not been revisited since.(ref. Fuhrman)?

So, when reading nutritional labels and you see that your food item contains 10% of your daily requirement of a certain vitamin it may not be completely sufficient.

As a general rule you will get the most nourishment from real veggies, fruits, and proteins, just as nature intended it!

~Think Vitality!~