Slow Down to 10 mph

I watched an off beat documentary this weekend called “10 Miles Per Hour” which chronicled a journey from Seattle to Boston on a Segway- you know those odd 2 wheeled scooters that were supposed to take over the world?

It was about a group of people from “corporate America” who decided that life was moving too quickly and time was passing them by, so they decided to go coast to coast across America at the rate a horse would walk at; 10 miles per hour. It took them over 100 days and they generated some media buzz but I had never heard about them until just recently.

While the movie wasn’t amazing it did bring up a good idea- slow down. For all the hustle and hurry we have in our modern day living, has it really made us healthier, happier, or more connected with ourselves or others?

As part of your regular health regime you should include something that makes time go by slowly- walk in nature, look out a window, enjoy tea in silence, go to the beach and simply observe the water, listen to music. You only need a few minutes of ‘slow time’ to reap the benefits, so try something simple today!

~Think Vitality!~