Brendan Brazier – Thrive Fitness

Last night I heard Brendan Brazier speak about his new book “Thrive Fitness.” Brendan is a professional Ironman athlete that happens to be vegan. He has developed a line of whole food supplements called “Vega” that he credits for helping him reach his fitness goals.

I have read both “Thrive Diet” and “Thrive Fitness” so I was interested to hear him speak about his area of expertise. It seems like there is always a new study, or research article that comes out telling us what we can and cannot do to keep ourselves healthy. I think it leaves the majority of people confused, overwhelmed and unable to take any action. Brendan’s approach was largely based on his own experience, real results, and listening to feedback from other athletes. He keeps his message very simple- eat real, whole foods.

He spoke about how it takes a lot more energy to digest processed food compared to whole veggies, nuts, seeds, pseudo-grains and fruits. By using less energy to digest our food we have more energy to heal out bodies.

I have seen many times how important it is to keep things simple. While I may not subscribe to the idea of veganism (because it is very difficult to stay healthy without becoming obsessive about food) I think we can all benefit from infusing our diets with good, vibrant, whole foods; like this!

Blueberry, Spinach, Maca, Coconut Cocoa Breakfast Shake

~Think Vitality~